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Special Interest Groups (SIG)

Photoshop SIG

The PSIG ( Photoshop Special Interest Group) is open to all members of the Geelong Camera Club free of charge.

The group meets on the first Monday of every month (except January) for two hours . It is primarily a self-help group where more experienced members share their knowledge to help newer members and all members share their experience to improve their images through their Photoshop programs.

There is normally a planned tutorial program for each meeting and opportunity for questions and individual help. The Group attempts to maintain interest by mixing basic, intermediate, and advanced topics.

Tutorials and group discussions are handled via the Club data projector. Members sit at tables and follow along on their own laptops or use a Club laptop. Communication is via a regular e-mail out which gives details of the next month’s program and may include appropriate start images to be worked on.

Photoshop programs include any of the basic Photoshop programs right up to Photoshop C.C., Photoshop Elements, Adobe Lightroom, as well as the various Photoshop Plug-in programs.

​For more details please contact Heather Prince at the Camera Club.

Photoshop Group  Photoshop Group  Photoshop Group

Lightseekers SIG

This group holds a series of photographic field trips which are fortnightly, on a Thursday morning during school terms.

After each field trip they meet on the following Thursday at 10am at the club rooms to look at and discuss their photos.

For more details please contact Chris Reichl at the Camera Club.

Lightroom SIG

This is a short introduction to get members started in Adobe Lightroom, held from time to time when there is a group of interested people.

​For more details please contact Noel Ritchie at the Camera Club.